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Mother Earth's Song

Written & Produced by Eulalia Madriguera ©2000


All About Lalie

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Special thanks to Otter Dreaming, and Corbin Group (editing}.


Lalie (pronounced “Lah-Lee”) Madriguera is a singer, songwriter, performer and creator of live music programs for children, families, adults and elders: Flash! Bam! Alakazam! Swing to Samba and Tea Time with Lalie.


Most of her programs feature classic American songs from the 1920’s through the 1950’s including songs written by her father and big band leader, Enric Madriguera, as well as other popular artists from that period.


Lalie’s debut album, “LalieByes,” is a compilation of songs that she was inspired to record at the request of a distressed young boy’s mother.  Hearing a screaming child in the grocery store, she began singing Pennies From Heaven to him. The boy stopped crying immediately and his mother said: If you can calm a special-needs child with your voice, I’m sure other mothers would love to hear you, too.


Lalie comes from a rich musical background.  Her father was a child prodigy of the classical violin. He crossed-over to popular music in the mid 1920’s after falling in love with Cuban Ensemble music while in Havana. He formed a Big Band orchestra, brought it to New York City and WNYC radio audiences at the Biltmore and Waldorf Astoria Hotels.  As Director of Import/Export for Columbia Records, he was recognized as popularizing Latin-American music throughout the US. Lalie’s mother, the late Patricia Gilmore, starred in her own weekly radio show on NBC as a vocalist and her late aunt, Paquita Madriguera, a child prodigy of the classical piano, married the pioneer of the classical guitar, the late Andres Segovia.

Lalie is passionate about performing for children and has given over 500 “FLASH! BAM! ALAKAZAM! ™” programs in libraries throughout NY and CT. F!B!A! is a one-hour interactive, multi-generational music program for young people, which include Latin rhythms like the conga-line… “Children no longer have an opportunity to hear this type of music because most radio stations only air the current music trends.” she says.  


In addition to her musical career, Lalie’s background includes work as an independent
television producer, director and writer for Connecticut Public Television and she was awarded a New England Regional Emmy for Phobias…Overcoming the Fear.

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