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Love for LalieByes

Praise from Fans and Listeners

“Seven month-old Adira loves your album! When she was fussing in the car we put it on and she stopped.  It was like a switch! Later on she was restless and upset, again we put LalieByes on and she fell asleep. We were all amazed. It sounds beautiful and it works!” 


Diana Heise, Professor, Artist, First-Time Mom

"What I write is the truth.  Lalie's voice is quiet and beautiful.  Her music is to relax with, enjoy, just sit back and listen to the words.  All the words are clear and send a message ...a message of love.

Children will love these songs and sing along with them."

Larry Aasen, Elder, Community Leader

“Comforting. Warm. Calming." 

Staff, Memory Care Center in CT

“It is soothing, calming and I love the repeated

verses and choice of songs.”
Lynda T., Speech Pathologist, MS C.C.C.SLP

“As a person and performer Lalie Madriguera is a delight and joy to work with and to watch perform. She has a gift of making people feel better whether they need it or not.”


Jared Penske, Former Hospital Program Administrator

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