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All About Lalie

Lalie ("LAH-lee") Madriguera is a performer, singer, songwriter (“Mother’s Song”), and great-grandmother. She is the creator of the live musical children's show “Flash!Bam!Alakazam!™,” the reminiscence program “Tea Time with Lalie™” for the Alzheimer's and elder communities, and “Swing to Samba™” for the general audience. All three celebrate the music of the Great American Songbook; she has produced and performed hundreds of shows in the Greater New York City area. Her father, big band leader and violinist Enrique Madriguera, was instrumental in introducing Latin American music to the United States in the 1920s.

Lalie comes from a rich musical background.  Her father, the late Barcelona born Enric Madriguera was a child prodigy of the classical violin. He crossed-over to popular music in the mid 1920s after falling in love with Cuban ensemble music while in Havana. He formed an orchestra, brought it to New York and WNYC radio then to New York audiences at the Biltmore and Waldorf Astoria Hotels.  Lalie’s late aunt, Paquita Madriguera, a child prodigy of the classical piano, married the pioneer of classical guitar, the late Andres Segovia.